About Us

Southampton Bonsai was started in 1988 by Collette Harrison, after being interested in Bonsai from some years before and being unable to get the pots and trees she wanted, Collette decided the best thing was to start her own business.

The rest as they say is history.

Collette is now taking people for either 1 to 1 or group lessons on all aspects of Bonsai at a very reasonable £20.00 per hour,(£30.00 for either two people together or one person booking two hours).

You can either bring along your own trees to work on or we always have material here needing work for you to use instead.

Collette has taught some of the so called "experts" most of what they know as well as quite a few of the current Bonsai dealers in the U.K. She has also appeared on BBC television and radio, featured in Various magazines and other publications.

Bonsai Collette has worked on have been exhibited and sold for vast sums of money in Europe, and have been of a standard high enough to be awarded a Gold or Large Gold at every show we have exhibited at, as well as four best overall display in show.

Collettes Bonsai have been loaned to the BBC as well as other film production companies, and used by Fujitsu Siemens, Lush Cosmetics and Estee Lauder in national advertising campaigns and as prizes for Gold medal winners at the Visit London 2006 Awards.

Finally a comment from a lady having lessons already, "I have learnt more in two hours with Collette than I did in the six months (inc a week long course for £600.00+) I did at Little Oak School of Bonsai".

If you have a large collection of Bonsai and you want Collette to come out and look after them for you, this can be arranged at a cost of £100 for half a day or £200 for a full day, both + Travel at cost. ring Collette on 02380 495729 to make arrangements.